How to Become an Atlanta Local

Not only is Atlanta one of America’s most populous metros, it’s actually the fourth fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country. That’s right, Atlanta brought in more than 733,000 new residents in a decade, and for good reason.

So, why are people moving to Atlanta? It could be because it’s ranked No. 1 in economic growth potential in 2019 as well as ranked third for best cities to start a career. Outside of the workforce, it may be that it’s one of the best cities to get married in and start a family. Maybe even something as basic as being one of the best large cities to be a home buyer.

Regardless of why you may be among the many moving to the Big Peach, you’re going to want to fit in and fast. So here are a few quick tips to becoming an Atlanta local fast.

1. Know your Atlanta Neighborhoods

Like all major metropolitan areas, Atlanta is full of unique neighborhoods and communities. For instance, many people from inside and out of Atlanta may be familiar with Centennial Olympic Park, a green area built downtown for the ‘96 Summer Olympics. You’ll find a lot of tourist attractions downtown and around here. To enjoy a more historic part of the city, consider Sweet Auburn, the historic neighborhood home of Martin Luthero King. Jr.

For a more suburban life, checkout places like Druid Hills, Avondale Estates, or Decatur. The city also prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere toward the LGBTQ community, and if that’s important to you too, definitely checkout 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue in Midtown, it’s the center of Atlanta’s LGBTQ scene.

2. Peachtree is everywhere

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the joke about having too many Peachtree streets, and it does exist for a good reason. With more than 70 “Peachtree” streets throughout the metro, it will be important to know the distinction between each one. If it’s a small start and help, the main Peachtree Street and Road that runs from Downtown through Buckhead is essentially Atlanta’s Fifth Avenue and serves the main Peachtree.

Click here to checkout the city’s top five Peachtree streets, it may also help you learn how to tell them apart.

3. Tips on getting around Atlanta

Atlanta is definitely a car-friendly city, with the majority of people driving or carpooling themselves. That being said, your commute can take awhile. According to transportation-analytics company Geotab, the average commute is about 35 minutes, though many drivers do see commutes closer to an hour.

The City of Atlanta does encourage residents and travelers alike to make use of MARTA, which offers a large network of buses and trains to get throughout the city. For instance, they tout the best way to get to world-famous and well-used Atlanta Airport is through MARTA’s airport station.

4. Learn the Atlanta lingo

If you want to blend in with the locals, you’ll have to sound like a local. For instance, in some states a carbonated drink is called a pop. In others, it’s called a soda. There are endless debates on which is right, but as far as Atlanta is concerned, it’s a Coke. This is undoubtedly because Coca-Cola Co.’s world headquarters is located on Atlana’s North Avenue.

Other terms to know include:

  • “No cap” – Whether before or after the sentence, this means that whoever is speaking is telling the truth without exaggeration or fabrication.
  • “OTP/ITP” – Short for “outside of the perimeter” and “inside of the perimeter” and signifies if someone is in or out of the circle made by Interstate I-285.
  • “Finesse” – Taking advantage of your own skills or knowledge to gain something, particularly by tricking someone.

5. Learn where Atlantans 

Atlanta is definitely more than fried chicken, and the people will be happy to recommend a variety of places to check out, such as Slutty Vegan in Westview, Warung Indonesian Halal in Doraville, or find some southern options at Roc South Cuisine.

And in case you did want chicken, you need to go to Hattie’s B’s Hot Chicken in Little Five Points. Just be warned, the hot chicken is definitely hot.

Now, there are plenty of other things you’ll learn along the way, and if you’re already in Atlanta and want to share a few more tips, please do so in the comments! We just wanted to give you a few quick tips to follow.

Lastly, if you are looking to move into Atlanta or maybe you’re already there and need some additional room around your home, apartment, or business, click here to learn how Atlanta self storage can help.