Richmond is one of America’s oldest cities, with a rich history that matches its current culture. And whether you plan to relocate to RVA or have a visit in the works, here are some things you need to know about Richmond.

1. Be prepared to hear RVA

Credited to hipsters for attempting to make a historic city sound more modern and cool, Richmond, VA, is now somewhat lovingly referred to as RVA by it’s locals. Seriously, it’s a thing, and people there enjoy it—so just join in the fun.

2. That being said, you’ll love Richmond’s history

Amidst those young folk calling the city RVA, you’ll still find some amazing chunks of our country’s history. Known mostly for its role in the Civil War, you can also find samples of its colonial heritage through the state capitol building, completed in 1788, or find something even older with St. John’s Episcopal Church, which was built more than 45 years before in 1741.

3. People are proud of their beer here

As most cities go, there is a sense of pride in local beers, and this is more so true in Richmond. Residents love local breweries such as Ardent Craft Ales, Triple Crossing Beer, or The Veil Brewing. And if you aren’t craving anything local, PBR is also highly popular here. It is the People’s Beer of Richmond, after all.

4. Sides vs. Ends

The city of Richmond and its neighborhoods are mostly split into four quadrants, and residents will be quick to correct you on which quadrants are sides and which ones are ends. If you’re north or south, then it will be a Side and if you’re in the east or west, then its an End.

So, you may live in Fulton Hill in East End while your coworker enjoys living in Forest Hill in Southside.

5. Enjoy the seasons and outdoors in Richmond

Despite being relatively near the coast and located in the south, Richmond does get all four seasons, and it—despite the summer humidity—is often enjoyable. Throw this in with the relatively easy drive to Geroge Washinginton and Jefferson National Forest and the Appalachian Trail (as well as that coast we mentioned earlier) and you’ll find the outdoors are great in Richmond.

Richmond can be a great place to live, work, play, or visit, and these are just a few things to know when you come here. Have more thoughts or something you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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