Seven Quick Facts about Jacksonville 

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Located in northern Florida along the Atlantic cost, Jacksonville is home to more than 900,000 people and is expected to keep growing. And whether you already call the city home or are looking to relocate, here are 7 Quick Facts about Jacksonville

1. Jacksonville is big

No, literally, Jacksonville is the biggest city in the United states in terms of land mass with nearly 750 square miles. This is good to note when it comes to driving around, as Jacksonville is also the most populous city in the state of Florida. Thankfully, Jacksonville is also a pretty safe to place to drive.

2. Jacksonville has a strong economy

According to BestPlaces, Jacksonville has an unemployment rate lower than the national average, and the future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 44.4%, more than 10 percent higher than the national average. Jax is even recognized for its tech talent.

3. Start a business in Jacksonville

As mentioned above, Jacksonville is a place for jobs, and is even among the top cities to start a business, earning particularly high marks for its low start costs.

4. Be outside year round

With great weather all year, the largest urban park system in the country (337 spots and more than 80,000 acres,) and 22 miles of white sandy beaches, you’ll find it’s always great to be outside in Jacksonville.

5. Raise a family in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville suburb of Nocatee is recognized by Niche as the best place to raise a family in Florida with great public schools and housing as well as low crime. There’s also plenty of diversity and outdoor options—though be warned, the commute can be a bit much.

6. Jacksonville is close to other cities

While the city is massive in and of itself, Jacksonville is well within a day trip to many other major metropolitans that you’ll love to visit, from Atlanta to Orlando.

7. Jacksonville is affordable

According to BestPlaces, Jacksonville is more affordable than the rest of the state and even the country in some key areas such as health and housing. For instance, the median home cost is nearly $50,000 less in Jax.

Have any more quick facts you want to share about Jax? Let us know in the comments below!

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