Are you looking to live, work, or study in Columbia, SC? Life in Soda City can be great, even if you don’t know anything on your way in. However, it never hurts be prepared. If you’re looking to relocate to Columbia, here are some things you need to know.


Be prepared to be welcomed—and to be welcoming


Not only is Columbia the capital of South Carolina, it’s known as something so much bigger than a city: Columbia is the Capital of Southern Hospitality. And unless you’re moving from the Midwest, where such practice is common, you’ll soon find yourself making a new habit of nodding, waving, or even saying a friendly “hello,” to anyone who passes by.


Everyone in town is a Gamecock


Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina, and it’s hard not to live in town without considering yourself a Gamecock, especially when it comes to rivalry games. Many of the buildings, campuses, and student housing buildings are spread throughout the city and mingled right in the communities, which certainly adds to the appeal of cheering when you see #SpursUp!


Columbia is great for telecommuting


Home offices have long been on the rise, saving both employee and employer money while remaining productive. Columbia is ranked fifth by Sperling Best Places for best cities for teleworking. Found in the small metro category, Columbia saves about 4.2 millions gallons of gas, 1.75 million hours of travel, and nearly $71 million dollars in the process.


And even if you’re working from home, owning a car is still recommended—most things are only 20 minutes away.


Summers are hot, hotter than you think


Perhaps it’s Columbia’s hot and humid summers that keep people at home and telecommuting? Either way, expect regular highs in the 90s and 100s, and that’s not even getting past the humidity. The good news, however, is the tradeoff are mild and arguably enjoyable winter months.


Columbia foods are unique and glorious


A few things to know: barbecue sauce is gold, and peanuts are boiled. Known as Columbia Gold, the iconic barbecue sauce is made with a yellow mustard and cane sugar base, offering a tangy, sweet concoction. As for the peanuts, they’re salty and delicious—not to mention healthy.


Get a Southern Belly—BBQ that is


Speaking of Columbia Gold, you need to know that the locals love native hotspots like Southern Belly BBQ. Immediately recognized as an untypical restaurant for its funky atmosphere, people love its sandwiches and smoked meat. We recommend ordering the Django.


Living here is cheap


Columbia is one of the cheapest cities in South Carolina to live in. Not only is the cost of living lower than the national average, it’s No. 3 on the cheapest South Carolina cities. A one bedroom apartment goes for only a little more than $800 a month, and the median price of a house is less than $124,000 dollars—that’s $185,000 cheaper than October 2018’s national median home price.


So, are you looking to live, work, play, or study in Columbia, SC? Then let us help. A storage unit can help you maximize your space, secure your belongings, and even help during the move.

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