6 Ways the Bronx stands apart from NYC


With roughly 8.62 million people who call the New York City and its five boroughs, it’s easy to get lost—especially if you’re not from the area. Despite everyone saying “I love New York,” each of these boroughs have their own unique culture, atmosphere, and flavor.


While articles could be set for each of these boroughs, here are just a few ways The Bronx stands apart from New York City.


Get out and explore without the lines


If you’re one who loves the big city but isn’t huge on big crowds, The Bronx may be fore you. Home to nearly 1.5 million of New York City’s population, The Bronx is one of the least populated boroughs, with only Staten Island having less residents, and this lack of crowds pays off. For instance, you can enjoy more space at great beaches and parks such as Harbor Island Park, which is loved by locals for its family-friendly vibe, play areas, and views. Just be forewarned, there is a parking fee.


The Bronx’s park dwarfs Central Park

You know how we mentioned more space? Yeah, Pelham Bay Park is three times the size of Manhattan’s Central Park, making it the largest park in New York City. You can enjoy miles of hiking and bike trails, hotspots like Orchard Beach and the Bartow-Pell Mansion, two golf courses, and a 13-mile saltwater shoreline along the Long Island Sound. There’s also a range of wildlife to explore and view as well as fields and courts to play in.


The Bronx is booming


According to a recent report by USA Today, Bronx county is currently the fastest growing borough in NYC, with most of that growth coming from domestic migration—meaning people are moving into The Bronx. The report credits this growth with developments in established communities such as City Island, which offers waterfront condos for much less than other areas. All-in-all, The Bronx offers an affordable place to live for young professional, and people are noticing.


Home to The Bronx Bombers


More commonly known as the New York Yankees, locals proudly refer to them as The Bronx Bombers, and that’s because the borough is home to Yankee Stadium. For those not in the know, the Yankees have the most World Series titles on record, boasting 27 titles. So, they’re kind of a big deal in The Bronx and surrounding NYC.


1520 Sedgwick Avenue


Does that address mean anything to you? If you’re a fan of Hip Hop music and its break-off genres, it should. Known to many as the Birthplace of Hip Hop, it as at this address that DJ Kool Herc scratched and mixed a beat to let people dance longer and then rapped over a track during the extended breakdancing. This pivotal moment laid the foundation for the cultural revolution of Hip Hop.


The Bronx Zoo


Not only does The Bronx have a park that dwarfs Central Park, but it also has the largest zoo in the United States. With more than 265 acres filled with wildlife and attractions, the zoo itself says it’s hard to take it all in one day. They do offer a two-hour tour of the most popular exhibits such as Tiger Mountain, Himalayan Highlands, Congo Gorilla Forest, and World of Reptile.


Now, there are many more reasons and ways The Bronx stands out amongst the five boroughs, and we hope you explore and find them for yourselves. If you’re one of the many seeking to make The Bronx you’re home, or maybe you’re looking to maximize your living space while you’re there, explore self storage in The Bronx with Storage.com!


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