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Seattle has always had a major draw for a number of lifestyles and family sizes with its diverse neighborhoods and characteristics. However, this coastal seaport city has especially become a hot spot for young professionals who are flocking to the area in the hopes of landing a corporate gig at Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, and the other major headquarters that call Seattle home. Other than housing a number of big-named companies, Seattle has also been recognized as one of the best areas for millennials who are in search of a job due to the city’s low unemployment and high job satisfaction rates.

When it comes to finding the best neighborhoods in Seattle for young professionals, there is something for every lifestyle, specialty, and desire. Below, you’ll find a list of the six best neighborhoods for young professionals in Seattle.



Photo by David Baron

Quick Facts:

  • Located in the heart of downtown Seattle.
  • Belltown is a very walkable neighborhood.
  • It is close to Pike’s Peak Market and the Space Needle.
  • Endless entertainment and restaurant opportunities.
  • The cost of living in Belltown is 41% greater than the national average.

Besides having breathtaking views of Seattle’s downtown waterfront landscape and Space Needle, Belltown is the third most walkable neighborhood in Seattle. This is a plus for young professionals who hate sitting in traffic to and from work or are moving to the area without a car. If walking to work isn’t for you, the public transportation in this neighborhood is also highly rated. With Amazon headquarters only a few blocks north on Terry Avenue, getting to work on time while living in Belltown is easy.

Belltown has undergone major residential renovations in recent years. Some of the newer developments include ArtHouse, Bell 206, Joseph Arnold Lofts, N Habit Belltown, The Martin, Viktoria Apartments, and Volta. Young professionals looking to call Belltown home should come prepared to spend at least $1,140/month when looking to rent.

“The relatively expensive rent can be justified by not owning or paying for a car, parking, or by the fact that your local ‘grocery store’ is Pikes Place Market.”
Ahmad Corner, President of Young Professionals of Seattle

“Downtown is a great fit because it’s literally the center of the city. Just about every transportation route (Light Rail, Amtrak, Monorail, SLU Trolly and buses) start or end Downtown. The relatively expensive rent can be justified by not owning/paying for a car, parking, or by the fact that your local ‘grocery store’ is Pikes Place Market,” says Ahmad Corner, President of Young Professionals of Seattle.

If an active nightlife is what you need after a long week at the office, Belltown is home to a number of music venues, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Some of the most popular spots in Belltown include Local 360, Some Random Bar, Serious Pie, Bang Bang Cafe, and Foundation Nightclub. Corner says that “downtown Seattle was built for eCommerce and entertainment. It hosts 5th Avenue Theatre, the Historic Paramount Theatre, Jazz Alley, Benaroya Hall, Seattle Art Museum, Safeco Field, and Century Link Stadium.”



Home in Seattle
Photo by J Brew

Quick Facts:

  • Located north of downtown Seattle.
  • It is the largest and most populated neighborhood in Seattle.
  • Capitol Hill has long been the hub of the city’s LGBT community.
  • Booming area for restaurants, shopping, apartments, and nightlife.
  • The cost of living in Capitol Hill is 49% greater than the national average.

If you enjoy starting your morning with a latte in a trendy café before heading to work, Capitol Hill is another great neighborhood in Seattle for young adults. Some of the local hot spots for a morning boost are Espresso Vivace Roasteria, Roy Street Coffee and Tea, or Victrola Coffee and Art, just to name a few. We are talking about a city well-known for it’s coffee, after all! Since Amazon headquarters is only a short distance away, many young professionals walk, bike, or jump on a bus for a short commute to the office. When it comes to housing, rent prices in Capitol Hill are competitive. Renters looking to call Capitol Hill home should move to the area prepared to spend at least $1,100/month when looking to rent.

For young professionals who want to relax and enjoy some green space on the weekend after a long work week, some of the most popular spots in Capitol Hill include Voluntary Park, the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Seattle Japanese Garden, and Cal Anderson Park. This Seattle neighborhood would also be a great fit for foodies who love to try new restaurants on the weekend before hitting the town. Some of the most popular hot spots in the area are Sitka and Spruce, Americana, Poppy, Tavern Law, and Quinn’s.


city view

Quick Facts:

  • It is one of Seattle’s fastest growing neighborhoods.
  • Amazon has a large presence in South Lake Union.
  • Recreational opportunities for residents.
  • The cost of living in South Lake Union is 38% greater than the national average.
  • Very walkable neighborhood.

Young professionals who are hoping to land a job in a tech-based community will love living in South Lake Union. This neighborhood is fondly referred to as the “trendy tech hub” of Seattle, specifically because this is home to one of Amazon’s headquarters and its newest expansion. With Amazon planning to move into the 817,000 square feet office space that makes up the Troy Block buildings once the renovations are complete (estimated completion date is 2016-2017), this neighborhood will continue to be a big draw for young professionals looking to work for this retail giant. The renovations that are being done to the Troy Block buildings, which sit at 307 Fairview Ave. N., are just east of’s headquarters in South Lake Union. If you are hoping to become a resident of this tech hub neighborhood, renters come prepared to spend at least $1,200/month.

“I would consider South Lake Union the part of town housing and hosting most young professionals,” says Jamie Shindler, Director of Marketing of Young Professionals of Seattle.

“As the stomping ground for Amazon, Tommy Bahamas, a new Microsoft office, a host of non-profits and pharmaceutical companies– I would consider South Lake Union the part of town housing and hosting most young professionals. It’s the perfect combination of these companies and easily walkable/accessible area that attracts fun events and great restaurants young professionals want to go to,” says Jamie Shindler, Director of Marketing of Young Professionals of Seattle.

South Lake Union also has a number of recreational activities that residents will enjoy. One of the most popular spots is Lake Union Park. This park provides residents access to vast green space and the water. Besides the breath taking waterfront view, this 12-acre park has walking paths, a wadding pool, a model boat pond and a handy carry boat launch site. Some of Shindler’s favorite places to go to are Re: Public and Brave Horse Tavern.


Photo by Wonderlane

Quick Facts:

  • Redmond is home to Microsoft, Nintendo, Physio-Control, and AT&T headquarters.
  • Not as walkable of a neighborhood as other Seattle neighborhoods.
  • Recreational opportunities for residents.
  • The majority of the residents in this neighborhood own a home instead of renting.
  • The cost of living in Redmond is 47% greater than the national average.

Even though the demographic and location of this neighborhood isn’t necessarily young professionals, it is definitely worth noting for potential job seekers.

Even though living in Redmond could have a higher price tag than young professionals are willing to put down when starting out, there are a number of commuting options that could make heading to Redmond from another neighborhood during the work week easier. For instance, the Microsoft Connector, which started up in 2007, is now one of the largest company-owned employee bus services in the United States and makes stops in Queen Anne, Belltown, First Hill, and Capitol Hill, just to name a few. This system gets approximately 1,000 Microsoft employees to Redmond every day.

Besides being home to some of the biggest well-known businesses, some of the most popular attractions in the Redmond area are the Redmond Town CenterSammamish River Trail, and the Evans Creek Preserve.


Lower Queen Anne
Photo by Ashley Fisher

Quick Facts:

  • Also referred to as “Uptown”.
  • Located close to local bus systems and Monorail.
  • The cost of living in Queen Anne is 62% greater than the national average.
  • The overall crime rate in Queen Anne is 20% lower than than the national average.

For young professionals, who take crime rate into consideration before choosing to relocate to a new area, Lower Queen Anne has one of the lowest crime rates in Seattle. Queen Anne is also known for being a very walkable neighborhood which makes getting to and from work or to your favorite restaurant after a long day is a breeze.

“Queen Anne is a great fit for young professionals, as it is a convenient, fun, young neighborhood with lots of character,” says Brenda Baxter, Director of Events of Young Professionals of Seattle.

“It may not be as bustling as Capitol Hill or South Lake Union, but that’s what makes it great! It’s a neighborhood feel right in the center of the city. It is the cornerstone of Seattle and its many other unique neighborhoods. Lower Queen Anne backs the Seattle Center, where there are numerous events hosted throughout the year, such as Concerts at the Key, Bite of Seattle, International Beer/Wine Fest, Bumbershoot, Film & Arts Festival, Folk Life, Fun 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons for active professionals! Queen Anne is a 15-20 minutes walk from downtown or a simple bus ride away! I walk or bus every day.”

Another perk of living in Lower Queen Anne is the quick commute to downtown Seattle. Some of the most popular spots in Lower Queen Anne to enjoy on the weekends after a long day at the office are Kerry Park, Key Arena, Seattle Center and of course, the iconic Space Needle. Young professionals looking to live within minutes of the Space Needle should be ready to pay at least $1,000/a month.

Baxter offers a few of her local favorites: “Laredo’s is my local watering hole, great Mexican food and margaritas, cannot go wrong with breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Buckley’s is the best sports bar in the area, hands down! Near by is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – admission is free to see all the great things that organization is doing. A short walk up to the top of Queen Anne and you will find many other great bars and restaurants!” She also recommends Molly Moons for ice cream and Top Pot for doughnuts.



Denny Triangle
Photo by SounderBruce

Quick Facts:

  • has expanded into a number of towers and office spaces in Denny Triangle.
  • This area connects the Retail Core to Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.
  • Fast growing neighborhood with residential and commercial construction constantly being developed.
  • Employment increased by 18% and restaurants have increased by 26% in the last 5 years.
  • Numerous public transportation options for residents and visitors.

For young professionals who plan to work for Amazon, the Denny Triangle will be an area you won’t want to miss. However, with this neighborhood’s ever increasing popularity and rental space becoming competitive, young professionals looking to rent a one bedroom apartment in the Denny Triangle neighborhood should come prepared to pay at least $2,000/month.

A popular spot in this Seattle neighborhood that the young professional demographic enjoys is Denny Park. Looking to grab something to eat before or after work? Don’t forget to check out Palace Kitchen, Market House Meats, or Le Caviste.


Do you know of another Seattle neighborhood where young professionals call home? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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