Top reasons to live in San Jose outside of a great job


In June 2018, San Jose was named the best city in the U.S for job seekers, and for good reason. With some of the biggest companies in the country calling it home, great work-life balance, and lovely California scenery, it’s a small wonder its call the Capital of the Silicon Valley.


So if you’re one of the many job seekers looking to make San Jose home, here are some wonderful reasons you should live here.


The tech companies are great in San Jose


Ok, so the headline says outside of a great job, but it is completely worth laying out the wonderful job opportunities found in San Jose. With some of it’s tops employers being giants in the tech industry, such as Apple and Cisco, you should know that 12% of San Jose all jobs are in the tech industry—which is way more than the less than 3% average in most U.S. cities.


Sure, there are great jobs in nearby San Francisco too, but you’ll earn on average $10,000 more here. Again, it’s not the Capital of the Silicon Valley for nothing.


San Jose ranks among the best


San Jose being the best city for job seekers offers other benefits too, for instance, it’s among the top 25 cities to live in according to U.S. News. While the cost of housing is relatively high, being driven up by the booming tech market, San Jose has other benefits.


For instance, the city tied for fourth place for best cities to live in for weather, with only two days on average reaching over 90 degrees and never seeing freezing temperatures.


San Jose is quirky too


Sure, there is plenty of techy jobs and outdoor beauty, but there’s also the quirks that are entirely San Jose. For instance, there is the famous Winchester Mystery House. This sprawling house is 24,000 square feet of twists, turns, and mystery. And then there’s the 120-acre flea market, which includes ponies, just saying.


People are healthy here


Another thing you should know about life in San Jose is the health, which is pretty important. According to a new study released by Sperling’s BestPlaces and Centrum, it’s actually the healthiest city in the country.


This report looked at the factors of health status, nutrition and exercise, mental health and life balance, and again, San Jose came out on top.


San Jose is diverse


In this day and age, diversity is a priority, and San Jose does not disappoint. Ranked among some of the top diverse cities in the U.S. by WalletHub, San Jose specifically ranks high amongst socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.


One example of this ethnic diversity is the annual Lunar New Year celebration at the San Jose Museum of Art—we should mention that it’s free.


San Jose eats


The Silicon Valley is filled with a number of great places to eat, and as the Capital City, it’s no surprise San Jose is home to many of them. While we’d love to write about amazing restaurants such as the Black Sheep Brasserie or Roots & Rye, we’ll gladly point you in the direction of a San Jose food guide.


San Jose is home to a number of things outside of jobs: diversity, great food, healthy living—why shouldn’t it be your home too? Let us help you along with the way by finding a storage unit to use during your relocation—or even help lower your rent while maximizing your living space.

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