Not even an hour north of the metropolis of Atlanta sits the a city full of historic charm, the city of Marietta. Known for being proud of its Southern charm, the people of Marietta enjoy a great mix of cultural attractions and natural beauty.


And whether you’re looking to visit or set roots in town, here are some facts about life in Marietta.


Marietta is affordable


Let’s be honest, when it comes to life, we’re all trying to get the most bang for our buck, and Marietta definitely helps with that. For instance, the median home value is just over $206,000, and the median income is just below $43,000. This great balance has landed Marietta among the most affordable cities in Georgia according to


Check out Historic Marietta Square


We mentioned Marietta and its southern charm, and the heart of this charm is Marietta Square. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy the scenic old oak trees while resting in gazebos and enjoying the bandstand near Glover Park—and this doesn’t even mention the number of shops, restaurants, and stores all within walking distance.


Favorite Marietta restaurants


Speaking of restaurants, Marietta is packed with them. Locals love hotspots like the Two Birds Taphouse for a great assortment of tap beers and pizza or The Bucher the Baker for a large variety of New American foods.


Get out and enjoy nature in Marietta


Sometimes, you just want to get out of town and enjoy the outside. Fortunately, Marietta has plenty of outside to enjoy. For instance, the city is nestled along the foothills of Kennesaw Mountain. You can enjoy great hiking as well as an overlook, or check out the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to explore the history of the Civil War.


Check out Sope Creek


Another nature spotted loved by the locals is the nearby Sope Creek Trail. Whether as a family outing, a special walk for two, or even for when you need some “me time,” Sope Creek offers more than three miles of scenic hiking, bike trails, and running trails. You can enjoy the views, check out the ruins of an old mill, and even take a dip if you desire.


Six Flags White Water


While often believed to be in Atlanta, Six Flags White Water is actually in Marietta, offering 69 acres of extreme water rides, slides, and more. Thrill seekers should check out attractions such as the Dive Bomber, Gulf Coast Screamer, or even the Tornado, though there are still plenty of attractions for the whole family.


Want to know more about Marietta? See it for yourself, and whether you’re moving there or living there now, let Marietta self storage help you get the most out your time here.


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