Located near the heart of the country, St. Louis earns its nickname as the Gateway to the West with more than just it’s iconic Arch Gateway. With its relatively low cost of living, central location, and diverse employment opportunities, St. Louis has become a home of 2.8 million and is appreciated for its family-friendly nature and close communities.

If you’re thinking of visiting St. Louis or plan to move to the area, here are a few things you may want to know about Mound City.

St. Louis is home to a diverse economy

One of the top drivers for relocation is job opportunities. While overall St. Louis has a huge number of industries, St. Louis may be great if you’re working in biotechnology, manufacturing, tourism, or transportation. It’s also home to ten Fortune 500 companies, including names such as Monsant, Reinsurance Group of America, emerson Electric, and Edward Jones Investments. And with an unemployment rate of 3.8%, you’ll find work may be easy to find in St. Louis.

Low cost of living in St. Louis

As mentioned earlier, St. Louis’s cost of living is a huge draw for many. It’s average housing cost is roughly $163,400—nearly $60,000 less than the national average. Another great thing to point out is that while the national median housing cost has increased by more than $50,000 since 2012, St. Louis’s housing has only increased by $13,000.

Enjoy a City of Neighborhoods

Like many larger cities across the country, St. Louis is a community of communities. The Gateway City has 79 different communities, each with its own distinct flavor, traditions, and customs. To show its value of these distinct communities, St. Louis includes a list of all these communities (linked above,) as well as brief descriptions. We recommend you check them out and find the one you like!

St. Louis is fun—and there are stats to prove it

A recent report from WalletHub names St. Louis among the most fun cities in America. The report looked at 65 key factors—from fitness centers per capita to the average open hours of breweries. St. Louis ranked 19th, doing well with the low costs of all its activities.

Some fun things to experience include more than 100 parks, three major league sports team, and other attractions such as the City Museum, a four-story (and that doesn’t include the rooftop access) “museum” that’s more part funhouse, part portal to a different world. Either way, you have to check it out at least once.

Enjoy beer in St. Louis

Is any list about St. Louis complete without mentioning one of America’s favorite drinks?  St. Louis has a rich history when it comes to beer due to its German heritage and German-style lagers. While always considered one of the great beer cities, it was recently named among the top ten beer cities in the U.S. by Uproxx.

Self Storage can help your time in St. Louis

Being home to 2.8 million people, the St. Louis metro can be packed. You can create more space in your home or apartment by using St. Louis self storage—and that doesn’t mention how helpful a storage unit can be when relocating. Let us help you find the best storage unit in St. Louis for your needs.