Nestled along the Ohio River is a gem of the Midwest: Cincinnati. Cincy is the perfect combination of Midwestern values, strong work ethic, and celebrated culture that results in a great, family-friendly many of come to know and love.

So, if you’re looking to move to The Queen City, here’s a few things you need to know about Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s economy is booming

Right off the start, you need to know that right now Cincinnati’s economy is strong. How strong? Cincy just hit its lowest unemployment ever recorded in April 2019, when it dipped down to 2.9% unemployment. The city added roughly 2,500 manufacturing jobs rose over the past year, while professional and business services jobs grew by 7,100.

Your money goes a long way in Cincinnati

Comparing apples to apples, Cincinnati’s strong job market and affordable living expenses make for a higher quality of life compared to cities of a similar size on the coast. For instance, according to U.S. News & Report, Cincinnati’s housing expenses are $60,000 less than the national average.

Cincinnati values its cultural history

One thing you’ll find everywhere about Zinzi is its beloved German heritage, from the tasty goetta—a dish is made of ground meat, steel-cut oats, and seasonings like thyme or sage—to everyone’s use of the word “please” asking someone to repeat themselves. This one goes back to the German word “bette” which is a way of asking someone to repeat. One of the most obvious celebrations of Cinncinati’s German heritage, however, is so large it needs its own point.

Experience Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

The Zinzinnati Oktoberfest is likely the largest celebration of German heritage you’ll see outside of Germany itself. Taking over the city every year since 1976, the festival now welcomes more than 575,000 people to explore Ohio’s rich German culture, eat thousands of bratwursts and sausages, and—of course—sample many German-style beers.

Things for kids in Cincy rock too

Given the strong economy, affordable living, and all around pleasant nature, it’s no wonder many families call Cincinnati home. Fortunately, there’s plenty for the kiddos to do as well, from visiting King’s Island, the Midwest’s largest amusement park, to visiting America’s second oldest zoo at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Go for the Cincinnati Three Way

Eventually you’re going to make your way across some Cincinnati chili, and you’re going to have to try it, and then your mind will try to deduce its secret ingredient. Some say cinnamon, but others will insist on dark chocolate. Either way, it’s delicious and a must-have for visitors, transplants, and natives alike. When you do eventually hit the Skyline to get some chili, order it as a three way: chili served on a plate of spaghetti and generously buried in a small mountain of shredded cheese.

We’ve said a lot about what makes Cincinnati a great city, but there are many things that you will just have to see for yourself. Let us know what we missed and share your Cincy experience with us!

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