Why You Need to Make Fort Myers Home

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

Nestled along the Florida gulf coast is a number of great cities people visit every year, particularly in the winter. Fort Myers is among the best cities for snowbirds each year with great water, beautiful beaches, and that wonderful winter weather—but did you know Fort Myers is also a great place to live?

Whether you’re looking to relocate your family or find a wonderful place to live out your golden years, here’s a few reasons why you need to make Fort Myers home!

Fort Myers ranks among the best places to live, literally

According to U.S. News, Fort Myers is among the best U.S. cities to live in. Period. People enjoy lower-than-average housing costs, relatively low commutes, and the state’s no income tax certainly helps as well.

Retirees will love Fort Myers

Fort Myers is definitely one of the best cities for retirees, especially in the past year. According to U.S. News, Fort Myers jumped from No. 15 to the No. 2 due to increases in desirability and happiness scores.

Check out the Festival of Lights

Thomas Edison may be one of the most famous snowbirds of all history when he made Fort Myers his winter home. Out of love and respect, the city launched the Edison Festival of Lights in 1938. This nighttime parade claims to be one of the biggest in the world, and features floats and entries all decked out in lights to honor the man who invented the light bulb.

There’s no snow in Fort Myers

Honestly, that subheadline should be enough of a point for many, but if we need to cement it further. The last time it snowed anywhere in southern Florida was in 1977, and when that happened, it was reported as the first time it had seen snow in recorded history.

Let’s talk about Fort Myers beaches

What better way to spend your nights and weekends than on the sand near the water? Fort Myers has some incredible nearby beaches that locals love. For instance, there is Fort Myers Beach with its ever-cool white sands, nearby bars and restaurants, and plenty of activities to do on the water!

Check out Fort Myers River District

Speaking of nighttime, the Fort Myers River District is definitely something to check out! Located near the Downtown Historic District, people enjoy dining, shopping, and entertainment options to choose from as well as the public art exhibits everywhere. Be sure to check out Centennial Park—especially if you want a romantic walk along the water.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should live in Fort Myers, and we recommend you find all of the many reasons and experience the City of Palms yourself—and we can help along the way! Click here to check out storage options in Fort Myers.