Why Your Storage Facility Should Use Foursquare

Since its release, Foursquare hasn’t exactly been the belle of the social media ball. Popular opinion (or at least, a very vocal opinion) has tried to label Foursquare as unnecessary and annoying. But Foursquare has managed to place itself in an important place in the local listings game—and it’s a good idea for storage operators to embrace it!

What Foursquare Has to Offer

The truth about Foursquare and its potential for storage facilities might come as a bit of a shock. There are 45 million Foursquare users with over 5 billion check-ins, and the app has been redesigned to offer businesses valuable ways to promote themselves.

Since convenience and location are some of the most important things to potential renters, getting your storage facility on local listing directories like Yelp! and Google My Places—and now Foursquare—is key to finding renters who are most likely to rent at your facility.

Advertising: Storage operators can advertise to local consumers who use Foursquare and offer deals that are only available to renters who check-in at your facility. What’s more, you’re only charged for the ad once a user engages with it and redeems the offer!

Recommendations and Reviews: Foursquare recommends nearby businesses to users, so having a good representation on the app can definitely draw renters to you. The app also encourages people to rate and review their experiences with businesses, which opens up the potential for positive and personal recommendations for your storage facility. Nothing is better than a satisfied customer’s referral!

Foursquare may not have hashtags or trending topics, but it’s still an important part of the social media landscape—especially for self storage operators who need local recognition for success.