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Andreea Draguleasa showed an affinity for foreign languages and literature at an early age and started writing when she was 6. She studied journalism, advertising, and public relations at the University of Bucharest and worked as a content writer for a tourism agency and as a journalist for a magazine in the hospitality industry until 2010. After seven years as marketing manager for a Home & Deco online shop, she realized that learning something new every day brings her the most joy, so she went back to researching and writing informative articles. Through her experience traveling the world, she's picked up tips and resources she now shares on self storage solutions. When not writing about home organizing and storage, Andreea spends most of her time reading, playing video games, and spoiling her cat.

Find the Best Jet Ski Storage: Safe and Flexible Options for...

Jet skis are great fun for the summer, but need to be stored in cooler temperatures. Learn how to store your jet ski with preparations, features, and self storage.

Smart Storage Solutions for College Students: Find Your Perfect Fit

Whether you’re leaving home for out-of-state classes for the first time or milking every day of summer break for all you can, you’re likely...

Your Ultimate Motorcycle Storage Solutions Guide: Keeping Your Bike Safe All...

Running out of room in the garage for your motorcycle? Are you being deployed oversees for a while? Do you live in an area with snowy months? Whatever the case may be, storing your motorcycle in a storage unit is a helpful solution. Here is a detailed list that covers everything you need to know about motorcycle storage. 

Vehicle Storage: Where and How To Store a Car

Vehicle storage includes more than just your car. It’s also common for people to use self storage for their motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and any other sort of personal vehicle. Look no further, your ultimate resource guide to storing your vehicle is all right here.

Climate Controlled Storage vs. Non-Climate Controlled – Which One Is Right...

Not sure whether you need climate-controlled storage or not? Check out the important differences between the two to help you determine what type of storage is best for you.

Mold and Mildew Prevention in Storage Units – Tips and Strategies

When using self storage, climate-controlled storage units is going to be the best way to protect against mold and mildew growth. Learn how prepare your items for their time to maximize your protection against this threat.

Self Storage Security Features – Importance and Overview

Depending on what you’re storing, you may or may not need all of the security features available. But first things first, you need to know what types of storage facility security features are out there. Consult this quick list of ten different types of self storage security features.

How To Store Furniture

Redoing your kitchen or living room? It sure goes smoother without having to worry about getting paint on your favorite couch. Or maybe you’re...
Old books, albums, and photographs on antique table

What Needs Climate-Controlled Storage

Ever wonder, “Do I need climate control for storage?” Self storage can be a great way to store your items, but learn which items need climate-controlled storage to protect against weather-related items.

Why Do People Put Their Cars in Storage? 6 Benefits of...

Need to know more information about auto storage? You’ve come to the right place. Learn all about the common questions that are often asked about storing your vehicle. From the different costs to insurance coverage, you’ll find the answers you need about auto storage right here.