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10 Reasons to Live in Tacoma Instead of Seattle


By Gretchen Pille, Storage.com

Storage.com takes pride in helping people move into their new homes, whether that involves helping find storage units in Tacoma during the transition or by helping people discover more about their new city.

It’s easy to see why more and more young creatives, such as writers, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs, are choosing to live in Tacoma over Seattle. You can get big city living for less with a striking built-in backdrop of Mount Rainier and Puget Sound. This urban area offers a wealth of museums, performance spaces, and of course, tasty places to eat. There’s obviously a lot to love about this city, but we’ve narrowed it down to our 10 favorite things that make living in Tacoma special.


Mountains and house

Tacoma is truly a city for the outdoor adventurist. Hiking, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and sailing are all common hobbies of Tacoma residents. Sunrise and Paradise trails at Mount Rainier have some of the most stunning views a person can find in the Pacific Northwest. Seasoned Tacoma skiers make frequent visits to nearby Crystal Mountain, which is known for its wide variety of terrain. The Summit at Snoqualmie is popular among beginners and families, and is right off the main highway. White Pass is a great place to take the family for a weekend getaway because it’s low-key and has a hometown feel. Lake Tapps is also a great spot for wake boarding, boating, swimming, and has plenty of coves and inlets to keep things interesting. And when you need equipment, repairs, or expertise on anything outdoor, be sure to check out Sturtevant’s or Ski Mart.


Tacoma house

Your dollar goes much further in Tacoma than in Seattle, plain and simple. According to AreaVibes.com, the cost of living in Seattle is 25.9% higher than the state average. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Tacoma sits at a comfortable 0.9% less than the state average. While the renter/owner ratio is pretty much the same in both cities, owning your own place in Tacoma is much easier than in Seattle. Seattle’s median home price, approximately $441,000, is nearly double the median home price of Tacoma, an estimated $230,100.


colorful glass ceiling
Photo by Casey Lee

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest is largely responsible for the inception of the Studio Glass movement? You probably did if you’re from Tacoma. It doesn’t take long to realize glass art’s integral role in Tacoman culture. The Museum of Glass was started by Tacoma resident and influential glass artist, Dale Chihuly, and retired president of University of Puget Sound, Dr. Phil Phibbs, as a celebration of the city’s artistic identity. Today, visitors can tour the facility as well as watch artists at work in the world’s largest Hot Shop. But it doesn’t stop there! If you’re in Downtown Tacoma, you can take the 500-foot Chihuly Bridge of Glass to straight to the museum.


tacoma bridge
Photo by Chris Sawtelle

Speaking of bridges, if you haven’t seen this YouTube-famous bridge from the 40s, first watch this two-minute history lesson about it’s epic collapse. This bridge has since been replaced by Sturdy Gertie, but to physics professors and civil engineers everywhere, the original Galloping Gertie remains a textbook example of how not to build a bridge and perhaps Tacoma’s greatest contribution to our understanding and improvement of bridge construction. And if you’re still curious about Galloping Gertie, you can head to the Washington State History Museum in Downtown Tacoma to get the whole story.



ballet dancers
Photo by Chris Hays

If you want to see a show or concert of any sort, you needn’t look far in Tacoma. A trip to the Theater District in Downtown Tacoma puts a person within walking distance of numerous performance spaces and organizations including the Tacoma Opera and Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, which often perform in the gorgeous Rialto Theater. Jazzbones is a Tacoma staple that often books regional musicians like Big Wheel Stunt Show and Jeanlizabeth. Tacoma residents flock to Tacoma Comedy Club to take advantage of each night’s different specials and performances. Tacoma also hosts several music festivals throughout the year, including Tacoma Jazz and Blues Festival and Freedom Fair. Kids can even get involved with music by joining the Tacoma Youth Symphony.


fancy dinner

Like the stunning Mount Ranier, the restaurant landscape of Tacoma is vast, beautiful, and just waiting to be explored. Because Tacoma is an international waterfront city, you can bet that there is a wide array of delicious eats to try. And you really can’t go wrong with any of them. But if you’re looking for a place to start, we suggest checking out some of their seafood restaurants.

Duke’s Chowder House is obviously popular for their chowder, but also for their fresh Alaskan seafood. Steamers Seafood Cafe is also a good option, as their famous fish and chips come with a gorgeous view of Puget Sound. Tater tots is another dish that Tacoma just gets right. Dirty Oscar’s Annex has Parmesan stuffed tots that come with sun dried tomato ranch. Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this restaurant is a must-visit. The best way to wash down any meal in Tacoma is with a local craft brew, like the hugely popular Odd Otter Brewing Company. Tacomans who like to make their own culinary creations enjoy frequent visits to the famous Tacoma Farmer’s Market for locally grown and produced goods.


coffee place
via Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Like any true Pacific Northwesterners, Tacomans love their caffeine. And there’s no shortage of exceptional coffee shops here. Cosmonaut Coffee Co. has some of the most experienced baristas around. Blue Beard Roasters roast their own exquisite coffees and keep up a funky cafe in the Historic District. Valhalla Coffee roasts the best Viking themed coffees you’ll ever brew. And you haven’t been to Bertolinos for a late-night espresso, you really are missing out on all the coffee Tacoma has to offer. Seattle may be home to Starbucks, but no chain coffee shop can top the local roasters and brewers in Tacoma.


graphic on building
Photo by Jason Taellious

This city loves its art! It’s hard to turn a corner without coming across some impressive street art, an art studio, or a gallery. Thanks to the Tacoma Murals Project, 27 murals have been painted by local artists wanting to cover as much of their city in art as possible. Spaceworks Tacoma matches artists and creative entrepreneurs with spaces to practice their craft, creating a more vibrant city one empty storefront at a time. Amateurs and professionals alike can sharpen their skills at studios like Open Arts Studio.


glass structure
Photo by Casey Yee

Tacoma’s history runs deeper (or should we say spans farther) than the Galloping Gertie. It has been shaped by Native American tribes, the Gold Rush, seaside exploration and so much more. And you can learn all about it at Washington State History Museum. In fact, Tacoma has an entire museum district, where visitors and residents explore exhibits at the Tacoma Art Museum, LeMay – America’s Car Museum, Foss Waterway Seaport, and the Children’s Museum of Tacoma.


Photo by Rachel Samanyi

Literally. Though the Pacific Northwest is famous for its overcast climate and high annual rainfall, Tacoma enjoys on average 141 sunny days and 39 inches of precipitation a year – a climate similar to Seattle’s. But Tacoma finds something to celebrate every season of the year. In the Spring, it’s the Daffodil Festival. In the Summer, it’s Taste of Tacoma. With Fall comes Tacoma’s Fall Garden Festival, and Winter brings Zoolights, a family favorite that entails an evening of exploring Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium to see some of the most exquisite Christmas lights in the Pacific Northwest.


Photo by Andrew Albertson

Seattle is not only a quick 45-minute trip away, but it’s also an enjoyable place to visit. There’s plenty to see and do in the Emerald city if you want to go on a day or weekend trip. Visit the iconic Space Needle, take a walk down Pikes Place Market, or follow USA Today’s recommendations on how to experience a weekend trip to Seattle.


What is your favorite thing about living in Tacoma? Tell us in the comments below!


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Moving? Self Storage Can Help


By Patrick Galvan, Storage.com

Storage.com is your number one ally when moving to a new home. We’re here to provide you with useful moving tips and hacks, or additional storage whenever necessary.

Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, relocation can be a time-consuming and strenuous process. Did you know that self storage can help make the process of moving easier, even before the big day?

Here are some tips and tricks to make moving day a more comfortable experience.

Moving Trucks and Packing Supplies

Some storage facilities provide moving services to make relocation easier. Before you hire a moving company to transport all of your belongings to your new home, ask if your storage provider is able to give you use of a moving truck.

Some storage facilities offer a free truck rental with a unit rental. Others offer truck rentals at discounted rates for tenants. Thanks to these perks, renting a storage unit and moving at your own pace can be an affordable alternative to hiring a moving team to haul everything for you on moving day.

If you’re using a storage facility’s moving truck, ask if it comes supplied with moving blankets and straps to protect your furniture during transit. For heavier items, such as furniture and refrigerators, ask your storage operator if they have a dolly or cart to loan you.

mother and daughter packing to move

You can often find the packing supplies you need at your storage facility, too, including high-quality, sturdy boxes and cushioning materials to better protect your more delicate belongings. Ask your local self storage operator if they can help you out. Some facilities sell packing supplies to clients at a discounted price when you rent from their facility including:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper

Organize Your Move

A storage unit can help you before, during, and even after your move. Use your storage unit to stockpile your belongings between homes, give yourself extra time and space for cleaning before moving day, and move your items into your new place at your own pace.

Once you have packed all of your belongings and are ready to move them into storage, keep them organized by room. Divide your boxes into groups according to what room they will eventually go in. Label and color-code each box, so all your kitchen supplies will be categorized in one group, and so on. Store your items in room groupings for a quick and organized move.

Also, rent a storage unit with drive-up access to make the process of unloading your truck or other vehicles faster and easier.

couple unloading boxes from a moving truck

Lighten the Load on Moving Day

Self storage can give you a jump on moving your belongings out so you have more time to clean your old place. This is especially helpful if you have to move out by a set day and time. Rent a storage unit a couple of weeks ahead of your move-out date and start to transfer your possessions to your storage unit on your own timeline.

As you transfer everything to your storage unit ahead of moving day, you will have the time and space to clean your former home and other last-minute details. In fact, this approach is very helpful if you plan to show your home or apartment to prospective buyers or renters before your move-out date. Moving non-essential items into storage will get you one step closer to both moving out and selling or renting your old place.

Self storage can be a great resource during the process of moving, including before the move, moving day, and even after the move, as you get settled in your new place. Find a storage facility near you and ask your storage operator what they can do to make relocation easier for you.


Renting a storage unit is easy! Search for available units in your area and reserve one online in minutes.





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