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Gretchen is a writer for Storage.com who takes a strong stance against clutter. She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. In her free time, Gretchen enjoys roller blading, opera, and playing the ukulele.

Top Downtown Areas to Raise a Family

Just because you want to raise a family doesn't mean you have to forego life downtown and head to the suburbs. There are plenty of child-friendly downtown areas that are ideal for families. We've compiled a list of the top downtown areas with the best schools, low crime rates, affordable housing, and more!

10 Reasons to Live in Tacoma Instead of Seattle

The spotlight always seems to be shining on Seattle. But what about its neighbor 31 miles away? Tacoma has a lot to offer its residents, too. Here are our ten favorite things about this Washington city!

Where to Store Your RV, Trailer or Camper

Need to decide where’s the best place to store your RV, trailer, or camper? Read the pros and cons of storing at home vs a storage facility. 

The Best Areas in Houston for Families

Houston is arguably one of the best places to live right now. Beautiful weather, ample job opportunities, and some of the most affordable neighborhoods and suburbs await the families who are packing up and heading to the energy capital of the world. Houston is undoubtedly a great place to raise a family. But Houston is huge, and knowing what neighborhood or suburb is right for your family can be difficult. So we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best family neighborhoods and suburbs in Houston.

9 Perks of Living in Chesapeake

Whether you’re moving to or currently live in Chesapeake, VA, you should know the many perks of calling the area home. Check out this guide to Chesapeake to find what makes Chesapeake special.

Transform Your Home: Creating the Ultimate Gaming Room

Looking to create your own unique arcade at home? Read here on how to transform any room in your home into your ultimate game room.

13 Real Reasons People Call Brooklyn Home

More people are making the choice to call Brooklyn home. And while it’s not as flashy as some of its neighbors, this guide to the city shows you reasons to make this borough your home. 

The Benefits of Auto Storage

Need to know more information about auto storage? You’ve come to the right place. Learn all about the common questions that are often asked about storing your vehicle. From the different costs to insurance coverage, you’ll find the answers you need about auto storage right here.

The 15 Most Epic Tailgating Vehicles in College Football

One of the best parts about college is tailgating at the football games. And you know it’s awesome when you see all of the tricked-out tailgating vehicles. Storage.com has found what we think to be 15 of the most epic ones! Take a study break and check it out.

The Ultimate Guide for Moving to San Diego

If you’re moving to San Diego, there’s some things you need to know beyond that the climate is awesome and so is the culture. Check out this city guide for all you need to know about moving to San Diego.