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Transform Your Home: Creating the Ultimate Gaming Room


By Gretchen Pille, Storage.com

Everyone has that one room in their home that they’d like to change into something else. Storage.com is here to help provide you with ideas and the storage necessary to make a transformation.

Admit it. You’ve been fantasizing about transforming your basement into the game room of your dreams for years. For passionate gamers, it’s an ideal space to express one’s personality. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what you can put into your game room to make it completely unique. It can be hard to know where to start. This post will walk you through the essentials of making a game room that will entertain and impress all of your friends. Let the games begin!


Table games are an absolute game-room must, and there are tons of options: ping pong, air hockey, Foosball – the list goes on. These games are popular because they bring together folks of all ages in the spirit of teamwork and friendly competition.

multipurpose game table
via Wayfair

Game tables are usually large, so if you’re trying to fit as much entertainment into your game room as you can, you may have to limit yourself just one game table. If you simply cannot choose one favorite, consider a unit that doubles as more than one table sport, like a three-in-one game table.

via Hatvani Woodworks

For maximum aesthetic appeal, don’t leave out old school game tables like shuffleboard and pool. These kinds of tables can be custom made, like the shuffleboard table pictured above, available via Mark Hatvani.

ping pong light
via Studio Kleefstra

Make a game room special by incorporating your appreciation for the table game into the game room decor. If you’re feeling ambitious, a few blogs offer tutorials to make this light fixture. But if your crafting leaves much to be desired, it can also be found on Studio Kleefstra’s website.



The most crucial step of creating a gaming room conducive for video games is getting the environment just right. This includes finding the right screen, seating, and sound system. For that, you may find this blog post about home theaters helpful.

game room shelves
via Our Nerd Home

Personal touches are what make a video game room special. For example, Kat and Cam of the blog Our Nerd Home made their own shelves shaped like Tetris pieces. If you like it, they’ve got a tutorial so you can make your own!

wall of Nintendo
via Aaron Norton

If you’ve got a lot of gear like controllers, chords, and consoles, take inspiration from Aaron Norton, who’s game room collection is pictured above, and organize all your gaming goodies into one cool wall display. Remodelaholic has plenty of great tutorials for organizing gaming gear here.

falling floor
via Apartment Geeks

Gaming for hours on end requires energy drinks, and that calls for a good proximity to a restroom. Use some paint and your bathroom floor to make your guests feel like they’re still in the game even during a bathroom break.


Never run out of quarters again! Bring the arcade to you by going straight to the manufacturer for your favorite arcade classics.

pinball machine
via Stern Pinball

If you’ve got a pinball wizard in your household, invest in a Stern Pinball pinball machine. Treat those supple wrists with one of their newest designs, which includes the Game of Thrones pinball machine, or inquire about getting your hands on one of their archived designs. What was your favorite video arcade game? Mortal Kombat? NBA Jam? Whatever your go-to game is or was, sites like Vintage Arcade Superstore or Arcade Specialties can get it into your game room for your own personal enjoyment.

Controller light switch
via Petagadget

With a switch like this, even turning on the lights is a game! Complete with pew pew pew! sound effects, this switch gives any game room an old-school arcade vibe.

via Off Beat Home

Don’t forget that gaming can get loud! A great sound system can make you feel like you’re right in the game, but folks on the floor above you may not find your Grand Theft Auto 5 sound effects quite as entertaining. Be considerate and make sure you properly soundproof your space so you can game on at top volume. Thick curtains, upholstered furniture, carpet, and rugs can also stifle some of the noises that are common in game rooms. But if you’re serious about your sound, Baux makes sound proofing products like the hexagon tiles pictured above.


By now your theoretical gaming room is filled with game tables, video games, and arcade games. Hopefully you saved some space to add in some games that are a little less conventional for an in-home game room.

putt putt
via Roger Wade for Locati

Work on your short game without ever having to leave your house! If you’ve got some free space on your floor and need to improve your putting, think about installing an indoor putting green in your game room. The putting green above was designed by Locati Architects out of Montana.

via Restoration Hardware

Maximize your game room capacity by putting board games on the wall. This wall-mounted Scrabble board from Restoration Hardware doubles as entertainment and wall art! For a smaller DIY version, check out this handy tutorial by Curb Alert.

in home bowling
via Fusion Bowling

What is the best part about installing a bowling alley in your own home? Never having to wear the bowling alley’s shoes. Alright, there are other perks as well, like being able to bowl whenever you want. But if you’ve got some spare room, think about a custom residential bowling, like the lane pictured above from Fusion Bowling!

If you’ve still got a passion for the game but are short on space or funds, mini bowling is a great alternative the whole family can enjoy. Companies like MiniLane Bowling can work with you to create a custom mini-bowling alley that can complete the look of any game room.


What would you put in your ultimate gaming room? Let us know in the comments!


All images have either been provided by a listed organization or are licensed under the Creative Commons.

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