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Just like moving in the spring, summer, or fall, there are certain things to keep in mind when moving during the winter. For many of those living in the United States, we have to be ready to deal with cold temperatures and the threat of inclement weather. Here are some really simple tips to help you prepare and execute the perfect winter move!

Shovel and Throw Salt or Sand Down Immediately

Right when you wake up on moving day, your first priority should be to prepare your driveway and sidewalks. Making sure that the paths you’ll be taking while moving heavy objects are free of snow and ice will safe you a lot of trouble.

Dress in Layers

Moving is a taxing process on the body, which means you can easily get overheated. Unfortunately, if you take off your winter coat when you get warm, you lose your protection against wind and frostbite. Here’s what to do instead: Wear a long-sleeve shirt with a zip-up fleece or sweatshirt under your winter coat, as well as a hat and gloves. Also, wear long underwear (leggings work, too) to keep your legs warm. Then, whenever you start to feel warm, all you have to do is peel off a layer, and you’re still protected.

Prep Your Old Home and New Home for the Move

Just because you’re moving during winter doesn’t mean you have to freeze! Turn the heat on in both homes. Whether your movers are professionals or friends, they’ll appreciate somewhere to keep warm in-between moving boxes and furniture. Also, protect the floors in both homes from snow, dirt, salt, and sand by laying down cardboard, carpet, or tarps.

Protect Your Items

Snow or sleet can damage certain items. That’s why it’s a good idea to put plastic bags or tarps around delicate furniture and electronics during your move. Consider using plastic tubs to move clothing and smaller items (like books and photos) instead of cardboard boxes as well. They’re sturdier and can generally protect your belongings better.

Provide Movers with Refreshments

It’s common courtesy to provide movers, especially if they’re friends and family, with refreshments when they’re helping you move. This is even more important during a winter move. Keep movers happy with hot coffee, tea, and a crockpot of warm soup. Another good idea is to give your movers hand and foot warmers to protect against the cold.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

One thing to be aware of during a winter move is the weather. If wind chill is dangerously low, the roads are really icy, or there’s a blizzard headed your way, talk to your real estate agent and movers. Hired movers usually have a policy about inclement weather, and a real estate agent can help arrange a different moving day.

Winter can be a great time to move, as long as you’re prepared.

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