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College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

College students moving out of their dorms can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by storing their college belongings in a self storage unit! For out-of-state students, the cost of moving everything home for the summer and back to campus in the fall far exceeds the cost of renting a storage unit for three months.

Arizona State University students come from all across the country, including a large portion from neighboring states. Take a look at the shortest driving distance to these nearby major cities and the estimated cost of gas when driving a 10-foot moving truck.

miles from Tempe to surrounding cities

The Cost of Renting a Moving Truck

Moving truck rates are determined by many factors, so they can vary quite a bit. They depend on point of origin, your destination, and the date of rental. So while it may be relatively cheap renting a moving truck going home, it can occasionally be a lot more expensive coming back to campus.

For ASU students, we researched several moving truck companies to find the rental rates for moving from Tempe to common nearby cities and back to campus.

CityRental Rate for Moving Truck from Tempe to Home*Rental Rate for Moving Truck from Home to Tempe*Total Cost of Using a Moving Truck to Move Home and Back (incl. gas**)
Los Angeles$115–$140$410–$480$675–$775
San Francisco$150–$280$790–$880$1250–$1460
*based on a 10-foot truck rental
**based on the national average gas price of $2.40/gallon (April, 2015)


The cost of using a moving truck for some cities is simply too much for a college student to afford, even when living on a strict diet of ramen noodles for an entire semester. Instead of spending an entire scholarship on the costs of moving home for the summer, you can save money by storing your dorm belongings right by campus in Tempe or Phoenix.

Saving by Using Self Storage

Self storage is a great solution that many college students utilize every year. Storage units around campus are fairly inexpensive, and using one will make moving in and out of the dorms a breeze. All you’ll have to do is load your larger items, like furniture and appliances, into the storage unit and then drive home with a box of clothes and your laptop. How easy is that?

Here’s a breakdown of the costs of using a storage unit in Tempe over the summer break.

Unit SizeCost per MonthCost for Entire Summer (3 months)

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to lighten your load on the trip back home for the summer, or you simply don’t have room at your parents’ house for all of your things, self storage is an ideal solution. offers plenty of storage locations around the Phoenix metropolitan area so you can search for the best deals.

Find Summer Storage Near ASU Today!

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