This time of year, college storage is one of the biggest challenges facing on-the-go students all over the United States. Packing up and moving all your belongings every few months can be a real pain—especially when most of your time is spent balancing school and work with the activities you would much rather be doing. Now that spring is upon us and plans for summer are being rolled out, it is a good time to consider your short- and long-term rental storage options.

The Problem with College Storage

College dormitories and low-cost apartments are notorious for providing tiny closets, small storage spaces and a lack of long-term stability. This is a time of life when you are acquiring the furniture and electronics that could last you well into your twenties, so throwing things out is not an option—and purchasing additional items might be beyond your budget. And unless you have a nice, big empty room waiting at your parents’ house to keep your items for the summer, all of those items are going to need a temporary home.

College storage options exist as a way to bridge the gap between your life at school and the real world that waits outside. Whether you are getting ready to head home for the summer, or if you have plans to backpack across Europe, you can find rental storage in your area for just a few months at a time. These facilities allow you to safely pack up your belongings and free you up to explore the word on your own terms—and for a lot less money than you might think.

Storage Tips for College Students

Because most students are looking for cheap storage, here are a few money-saving tips on making the most out of your rental storage options.

  • Group Together: Chances are you are not the only college student looking for a temporary storage option. If possible go in with a friend or roommate to rent a storage unit together. With smart packing, you can fit quite a few belongings into one rental storage unit.
  • Pack Early: With finals and papers due, the end of the school year is a stressful time for college students. Begin your search for a rental unit early, and move your belongings over a few boxes at a time to avoid overload.
  • Look for Free Truck Rental: Transportation is always tricky in college, and if you do not have access to a truck, moving your furniture and personal effects can get complicated. Make things easier by looking for a rental storage option that provides a moving truck for free or for a small additional cost.
  • Consider Year-Round Options: If you are going to college in an area with great winter sports, you might want more than just a temporary, summer storage solution. To save space, snowboards, skis and other winter items are often best stored outside of a dorm or apartment.
  • Choose an Ideal Location: Cheap storage in a college town tends to cater to a younger crowd. Look for a facility nearby your campus for easy access—and if you time your search right, you might be able to find student or winter discounts to save money

With the right planning, college storage can be easy. As long as you avoid waiting until the last minute to find a unit, you should be able to rent the right sized college storage facility for you, your friends and all the personal items you have gathered over the years.

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