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Don’t you hate it when you look around a bedroom and realize that your furniture, like that old wooden dresser, needs a facelift? Instead of going out and buying all new stuff, take a tip from some of the best DIY designers out there and paint it.

It’s amazing how many people realize that they are missing a great opportunity to really change the look of their room by doing something as simple as painting their dresser.

I know what you’re thinking, mom and grandma would be horrified. Paint, on a wooden dresser?

But, not to fear, just like it’s sort of alright now to wear white after Labor Day, you can make a huge difference in your furniture by adding a splash of paint.

Let’s go through the steps to make it happen.

Step 1. First things first, you are going to want to clean up the dresser a bit. Take a look at it, remove any pulls or fixtures and fill in any holes or scrapes with wood putty.

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Step 2. Next, get some sandpaper. If the dresser is varnished, it will take bit more elbow grease, but work on sanding down and evening things out. Once everything is even and smooth wipe the dresser down with a wet cloth.

Step 3. This is where you are going to decide what sort of paint job you are working with. Are you going to refinish the wood, paint the dresser a new solid color, or paint a funky design on the front? Whatever you decide to do, get your painters tape out and tape off any areas you do not want to be painted.

Step 4. Now that the prep is done, we want to get painting. It’s a pretty good idea to do a base coat on your dresser, because now that the wood is free of all that old varnish, it might end up sucking up a lot more paint. So, this way you’ve got a nice even coat to work with.

Step 5. Finally, the fun part! If you are just painting the dresser all one color it’s easy. Get a small foam roller and a little paint brush. You are going to use the roller for the main surfaces and the brush for any hard to get corners. Put a couple of coats on in nice and smooth even strokes.

Step 6. Once your paint is nice and dry you really want to consider adding a few coats of varnish on the dresser, this will help for protection, and adds a dash of shine. If you are sticking to simple white, make sure you get a water based varnish because otherwise you will find your white paint looking yellow!

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Once it’s all dry, there you have it, a new dresser. Now, if you want to take things to the next level, you have a few more options after step 5.

For instance, a big hit with people recently has been chalkboard paint. People love this in kids rooms because the dresser won’t be destroyed by any accidental permanent marker incidents, and it makes it really fun for the kids.

Another really popular technique is to add a mural on the front of the dresser. This can really change the look of an old dresser completely. If you are not quite at a Picasso level of artist, don’t worry, use your painters tape to create simple line designs, or head to your local crafts store and find some stencils.

Doing this is a really easy (and relatively cheap) way to change the look of your bedroom without having a massive expense of buying a new piece of furniture. By just revamping a few key pieces, it can seem as though your room has been totally re-designed.

Have you ever changed the look of your dresser or other furniture by painting it? Do you have a look that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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