When summer finally arrives, it’s usually time to climb into the attic, basement or garage and start trying to pull out all of that summer sporting gear that has been tucked away for a year.

The problem is, usually you can’t remember where that great hiding place was where you stuck your surfboard a year ago. And then, of course, once you’ve managed to find your summer gear, it’s hard to find a convenient place to keep it all stored for the season.

The key really is to be organized. You want to be able to both access your stuff without having to dig around for it, as well as have a dedicated space to keep it all organized. Here are a couple of different options for you to get on your way.

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If you don’t have a garage or basement to store your summer sporting equipment, look for a closet area in your home. Just like with a craft closet, you should be able to utilize the space to have your gear within easy reach and totally organized.

Use clear plastic containers to hold like gear. For instance, if you play all summer in an area softball league, put your cleats, bats, glove, and softballs in there. This way you have them in one space and the clear container will let you be able to see what’s in the box.


Or, grab an over the door shelf rack and hang it on the closet door. This is going to provide some shelving and hooks for you to hang your baseball equipment, tennis ball containers, bike helmet, golf cleats and more. And it will clear up precious floor space within the closet so everything won’t just be piled up in there.

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Since a lot of people won’t want to give up a closet to sports equipment, consider transferring your gear to the garage. The good news is that with your stuff in the garage you actually have quite a few organizing options.

The first might just be the easiest. There are a number of well known storage and organization brands that offer storage units that are specifically made to hold sports gear like baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, tennis rackets and more. These are a perfect solution to get your gear organized and easy to access all season long.

Another tip for getting organized in the garage is to use a large pegboard. With one of these hung on the wall, you will be able to insert a variety of different types of hooks that can allow you to keep bats, gloves, helmets, rackets, and even bicycles off the ground and totally organized.

Switch in the Winter

Once you have your dedicated storage methods in check, it makes it really easy to store the summer gear once the cold weather arrives and switch the winter gear into it’s place. Or, with enough organization, you can keep all of your gear proudly displayed all year long.

Do you have a great storage solution you always follow for your summer sports equipment and gear? Do you use any of the tools we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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