is your number one ally when moving to a new home. We’re here to provide you with useful moving tips and hacks, or additional storage whenever necessary.

If you’ve ever moved, you know that it can be a very stressful and chaotic process. In order to have a nearly flawless move, planning must be a top priority! One of the best ways to ensure a first-rate moving experience is to label your boxes in an organized and efficient manner. We have assembled some tips on great ways to label your boxes effectively to make your move more manageable.

How to Effectively Label Boxes for Moving

Use Large Stickers

Instead of using a permanent marker on the side of your box, consider using large, white labels instead. Plan on writing on the label before placing it on the box. Have a system for your labels and write what’s inside the box and where the box should be moved to in the new house. This way, there will be no confusion when the movers (or family and friends) are handling your items!

Use Different Colors for Each Room

By designating a unique color for each room in your home, boxes will be easily organized. This will end up making your unpacking process less painful. Be mindful to separate all boxes by room and try your best not to pack a box with items from multiple rooms. Use colored duct tape to seal the boxes with the assigned color of the room.

Create an Inventory

There’s nothing worse than losing your belongings in a move. Create an inventory of each box with an overview of what’s inside. Doing this will give you peace of mind and will also make the unpacking process a snap since you know where everything is. When your boxes are being unloaded, check them off your list. Also, when you have a ton of boxes in your kitchen but don’t know where the coffee is, you’ll want an inventory.

Take some extra time and focus on the labeling before you move to save a ton of time while you’re unpacking. If you have any packing tips, share them with us in the comments!

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