I went to look at a photographer’s website today on my cellphone and was floored when her site didn’t work. It was abundantly obvious that she hadn’t optimized her website for mobile capabilities and immediately I dismissed her as a viable option. It took me a few hours to realize that something so modern and trivial had made me instantly feel like she didn’t take her business seriously and I didn’t want to trust her with my family’s photos. Don’t be like the photographer. Optimize your self storage website for mobile. In today’s times you can’t afford not to do so.


While I could never begin to do that myself for my own business page, I do outsource such things because sometimes the experts need to handle the tough stuff. You can help your website developer by developing certain plans and having certain sets of content ready to go.


For your self storage website, you’ll want to keep everything simple. Odds are, users are coming to your site for a reason and not just to browse around and enjoy the content. With that in mind, have whatever verbiage you want ready to roll and keep it all simple. This will help your developer/designer create a better, more streamlined-page. Over complicating your content and feeling the need to have too many tabs, links, and extra pages will not help your site go mobile.


Next, come up with a look that is simple. Stick to your company’s basic colors for your theme. You don’t need a ton of flashy colors and dynamic pictures strewn throughout. Less is more when it comes to the ambiance of your page. A tasteful skyline photo might be nice or a cute moving van picture, but unless you can execute it properly, don’t muddy your homepage with slideshows and scads of images.


Focus on what mobile users will want. Operating hours, address, phone number, and things of that nature are what many mobile users are seeking. You can fill your desktop site with more, but keep that information digitally handy. People are busy and if you’re feeling a bit more cynical–lazy. If something is too hard, they’ll seek an easier option–which might be your competitor’s site!


These modern times call for modern websites. Your website is now your calling card. It needs to be good or you risk losing business. See what you can do to help make your website better for mobile users and keep your technology current. If you haven’t refreshed the look of your site in a while, then it is probably time for a face lift anyway. Take this time to optimize your self storage website for mobile users.

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