Plenty of businesses run into the same problems of running out of space to operate. is here to help provide solutions for growing businesses, whether through unique tips or additional space.

Storage units exist for so much more than personal usage. While the majority of residential and city storage facilities are marketed toward families and college students, these are not the only people in need of additional space. Storage for small business is gaining popularity both at home and in limited retail spaces, which means that overflow—especially if you deal in material goods of any kind—can quickly take over.

Small Business Growth

When a small business first opens its doors—whether that happens at a virtual storefront you run from your home, or if you open up a brick and mortar store—chances are you do not expect to stay small forever. Most small business owners harbor goals that include someday opening additional facilities or expanding to hire additional employees—both of which require growth in both the fiscal and the physical sense.

While it might be feasible to turn one of your personal closets or a small break room into storage for the time being, these types of solutions are a temporary fix, at best. In addition to concerns regarding safety and fire hazards, you might find that organization is difficult with limited space. And the alternative—to rent out on-site storage space at your place of business—is one of those things that almost always comes with a fairly hefty price tag.

Small Business Storage Solutions

For a cost-effective, reliable storage option for small business that allows you to maximize the retail space you already have, it might be a good idea to turn to a local storage facility for help. Not only can you move your items off-site to provide additional protection, but you can also ensure that the floor remains organized and streamlined where you do business.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to rotate your stock in keeping with your business plan/requirements
  • Lower rent for a small retail space and a large storage unit
  • Physical file storage for paperwork needs
  • Low-cost temporary storage (during a move or reorganization)
  • Ability to run your business from home for a longer period of time
  • Tax deductible storage options
  • Additional security/climate controls for important goods
  • The ability to upgrade to larger storage without moving your entire business

Looking Ahead at Your Business Growth

The best small businesses are ones that not only look ahead to the future, but ones that also consider their bottom line in every business decision. There is nothing wrong with being optimistic about your company’s future, but stay on the safe side and look for low-cost storage solutions that can grow with you.

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  • ericbosloor

    As a self storage facility manager, let me just say that we have quite a fair amount of small businesses using our units as the solution to their business’ physical requirements while they work from home! I personally think that the infrastructure of security and weather protection to your items will be able to give you the peace of mind that you need to focus on the business end of things!