One of the most common questions we get asked is how to determine what size storage unit a person needs. Storage unit size is the number one factor in determining cost, and getting one that is too big or too small can lead to complications later on (when you may have to upgrade or downgrade and move all your personal belongings).

The problem with this question is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer (or storage unit, for that matter). Every family has unique storage needs, and your situation will influence that. That’s why we developed this handy storage unit size quiz. Grab a pen and paper and decide for yourself what will be your perfect fit.

Storage Unit Sizing Quiz

  1. The number of people in my household is:
    1.      1
    2.       2-4
    3.       5+
  2.  My primary reason for getting a storage unit is to:
    1.       Store personal items that no longer fit in the closets at my house
    2.       Temporarily downgrade a home or transition to a new living space
    3.       Find a long-term alternative to a garage or home storage
  3. I will need access to the items in my storage unit:
    1.       Rarely
    2.      Three to four times a year
    3.       Every few weeks
  4. Most of my stored items will include:
    1.       Individually packed boxes of personal effects
    2.      A mixture of boxes and furniture
    3.      Mostly furniture, cars, and other large-ticket items
  5. I intend to take out a storage unit contract for:
    1.       6 months or less
    2.       6 months to a year
    3.       More than one year


Mostly A’s: You can probably get away with a storage unit between 25 and 75 square feet. Make the most out of your small space by stacking boxes to use the vertical space as well as the horizontal space.

Mostly B’s: Choose a storage unit between 75 and 150 square feet. The extra space will give you room to access your items and store larger pieces without going overboard.

Mostly C’s: Look for storage units with 150 or more square feet. Not only will the space provide plenty of room for all your personal effects, but you can access them easily and add more as the need arises.

Getting the Right Fit

If you are still unsure what size is right for you, visit’s homepage and try the interactive sizing chart (under the zip code search bar). This helps you visualize the amount of belongings that fit into each typical storage unit size.

Lastly be sure to stop by a local storage facility and ask to see the spaces for yourself before you decide. Sometimes, all it takes to choose the perfect storage unit size is get an idea for how much space you have to work with.

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