How to store baby items


Whether you’re a first-time parents or a grandparent of 16, there’s one thing you know for sure: babies bring an excess of stuff with them. Clothes, bibs, binkies, chairs, car seats, cribs and so much more can eat up a lot of space at home. These items can be kept for future children or sheer sentimental value—but where do you store them?


Self storage for baby items can be a great solution to this question, providing you a safe and clean place to store any infant items you may want down the line.


Tips for storing baby items


The very first step you should take when storing baby items is to carefully clean any toys or pacifiers, wipe down any beds and chairs, and launder any clothing you may be storing. From here, take a careful account of what items you’ll actually want to use, and what items are just sentimental. You don’t need to get rid of everything, but there are some articles of clothing that would be better to donate than cling to.


From here, it’s important to place these items in plastic storage bins over cardboard boxes. Plastic holds up better against the elements as well as keep any unexpected pests out of your baby belongings. Once in the box, carefully and clearly label its contents on the outside.


Storage features for baby gear storage


Once you’ve gotten your items prepared, it’s important to place them in the right storage unit. The first thing to consider may be features such as climate control and regular pest control.


If you live in a region with extreme seasonal weather, find a facility with climate controlled storage units. Wild temperature fluctuations can warp baby beds, distort baby bottles, or fry electronic toys—which may not be a bad thing. Additionally, humidity can cause mildew growth in fabrics, which can cause staining or irreparable damage.


Placing baby items in a storage unit


When placing your belongings in the storage unit, it’s recommend that you line the walls of the storage unit with your baby items, rather than stacking them in the center or back. This way, should you need to find a specific item, you can easily access it quickly rather than digging through all of the many things you’re storing.


Removing baby items from a storage unit


When the next child comes along, it may be time to revisit the belongings in your storage unit. Carefully inspect each item of clothing as well as any toys placed in storage. Remember, babies tend to study new things with their mouth, so wash everything thoroughly.


Another crucial step when storing baby gear is checking current safety guidelines and standards. As these regular change, especially when dealing with car seats, it’s highly important to ensure your stored belonging are up to current standards.


Being storing today


The only thing that grows faster than the piles of toys and clothes are the little ones who use them regularly. If you find it’s time to get some space back in your home, you can use our huge online directories and filters to find the perfect storage unit.


Thanks for using for all your baby storage needs!

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