How to store a newspaper collection


Are you a modern-day historian eager to collect, dig up, and otherwise archive events of past and present? If so, you know that stacks and stacks of newspapers and magazines can take up valuable space at home. Additionally, a material as sensitive as paper makes it tricky to find just the right spot to store at home—an attic space just won’t cut it anymore.  Sounds like you need help storing a newspaper collection.


Thankfully, self storage is perfect for your newspaper archive. With features that can preserve your treasure trove of information, your newspapers will seem as fresh as they did the day they were printed. Here are some important steps to take when placing your newspapers in a storage unit.


How to prepare your newspaper for self storage


It’s important to know that the paper used in newspaper is highly acidic. You can notice this difference within even a week of a newspaper sitting out in your home. It will grow brittle and the coloring of the paper itself will fade or yellow.


To combat this highly acidic nature of newspaper, place your collection in an acid-free newspaper preservation box. You may even want to go as far as placing individual acid-free sheet between pages to ensure your newspaper stays in top shape.


Finding the perfect storage unit for newspaper


Once you’ve gotten your archive perfectly prepare for self storage, it’s time to find the right storage facility for storing your newspaper collection. While proximity could be important depending on how frequently you’ll need to access your collection, the main factor in placing newspaper in a storage unit comes down to the pest and climate control features.


Again, newspaper is a highly sensitive material, especially when it comes to temperature and humidity levels. Finding a climate controlled storage unit for your newspaper collection addresses this issue by keeping the temperature and humidity level at a constant, acceptable level.


Additionally, make sure your storage facility has regular pest control to avoid any unwanted guests in your collection. A strong secondary measure for this can also include using shelving within a storage unit to keep your newspaper off the floor.


How to place newspaper into self storage


A few final tips when using a storage unit for a newspaper archives include on how you actually place the collection into storage. For instance, rather than stacking the boxes together in single pile, it’s best to line the storage unit with your collection.

This way, you have easy access to all the boxes rather than digging through a stack. It’s also a solid idea to create a cataloging system and label each box so you know just where to find what you need. Because remember, the point of storing history is to review it again and again later on.


Store your newspaper collection today


If you’re ready to find a safe, secure space for your newspaper collection, then is here to help you take the first step. Using the guidelines above, you can find the perfect storage facility with climate control through our directories and reserve your storage unit today. Thanks for using for all your self storage needs!

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  • michaelmaloney

    I can’t imagine anybody spending a lot of money on the preservation of newspaper articles, but after watching the storage wars episode where this guy had bought over hundreds of copies of some important event like some star getting married or something and the person who bought the unit finding out it was WORTH something, maybe I’m tempted sometimes to start…