How to use self storage when moving


According to, it’s predicted that the peak moving season begins in April and last well through the summer. It’s estimated that of the 40 million people moving this year, 80% of those relocating will do so in this time period. That means 32 million people will be sweating, stressing, and cursing the day they decided to move.


Luckily, there’s a way to make it all a bit easier. Whether it’s boxes or bags, across town or across country, or even into a new house or apartment, self storage can help you move.


Using a storage facility while relocating can be a huge benefit, especially in those instances where you’re stuck between homes for a few days. With the right location, storage features, and a few extra tips, using self storage during relocation will take loads of stress off this otherwise stressful time.


What to place in self storage when moving


When it comes to determine which of your belongings belong in self storage during relocation, take account of your specific situation. Are you needing to store all of your stuff into a storage unit for a week until your apartment opens up? Are you relocating to a new city for a job but haven’t found a house yet? You should even consider whether or not you’re having professional movers or moving yourself.


In any case where you’ll be without a house or apartment for an extended period of time, it may be best to place all but a few outfits and personal items into self storage. This way all of your belongings are safe and secure in one place. In such case, find a large 10×20 or 10×30 storage unit that’s perfect for moving. These larger units can easily hold the contents of a multi-room home.


In other cases, such as having professional movers relocate you, it may be best to place the more fragile, expensive, or sentimental items in storage. By placing these items into a storage unit, you can rest easy knowing only you’ll be handling their relocation while the professional movers take care of the rest.


Storage features for movers


When placing the majority of your belongings into a storage unit, there are definitely many storage features to consider. For instance, finding a storage facility with short-term leasing allows you to only pay for the days, weeks, or months you may need without a long-term contract.


You’ll also want to find a storage facility with strong security features. These include features such as electronic gate access so only those with the keycode can get in, but you should go even further with video surveillance and onsite management. These features can offer an immediate response should any attempt of theft or vandalism occur.


For those storing sensitive or fragile items, especially as peak moving season is over the hot and humid summer months, it may also be wise to consider a storage unit with climate control when relocating. Summer weather can easily warp wooden furniture or fry electronics. To combat this, the climate control feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level no matter the conditions outside.


Lastly, and most conveniently, find a storage unit with drive up access. This way, you can park your truck or trailer directly at your storage unit for easy pick up and drop off when moving.


Other tips for using self storage for a big move


In addition to having the right storage unit, there are a few others things you can do make self storage lessen the stress of moving. For instance, make sure you take inventory of your belongings before placing them in storage. Coincidentally, this is also a great time to decide if there’s anything you can part with before relocating and ditch the clutter.


Another good tip is to make sure you order your belongings within the storage unit and place those items you might need to pull out before your time in self storage ends. These could include clothes, documents, or other personal items.


Let us help your move


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