When looking into renting a storage unit, one thing that everyone has to figure out is which storage unit size is best for them. For some, this decision is simple. For others, the process can be a bit more challenging.

One of the things that makes this decision so important is pricing. Obviously, the larger the storage unit, the higher the cost. For those planning on using their storage unit for an extended period of time, finding the size that best meets their needs can result in saving a significant amount of money.

But let’s face it—evaluating the belongings you plan to store and the space they could fit into can be hard to visualize. Something we see relatively often at Storage.com is that people think they need more space than they actually do, which as mentioned earlier, can be costly.

While it can sometimes be hard to believe that an entire dorm room’s worth of furniture and belongings can fit into a 5×10 unit, or that an entire apartment can fit into a 10×20 unit, storage space is really capable of more than it seems, including accomplishing the feats above. This is particularly true with good organization. Many storage renters forget the height of these storage units (We used 10 foot ceilings for the graphic), which is usable space that often goes, well, unused.

That’s why Storage.com created the graphic “You’ll Never Believe What Can Fit Into a Storage Unit.” While we don’t anticipate our customers ever having to store over 300,000 cookies in a storage unit, or even a hundred 65-inch televisions, we wanted to give a fresh perspective on how much space the various self storage units actually provide—and we think you’ll be surprised.

At Storage.com, we are proud to help people all around the nation easily find and rent the best storage units for their needs. We understand how valuable additional space can be and how far just a little bit of space can go. If you need additional space for any reason, don’t hesitate to use Storage.com to find the best storage options near you. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

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  • Marlene Corpus

    Very cool! I’ll take the 5×10 unit!

    • http://www.Storage.com Aaron Mackel

      Thanks! That’s a lot of caffeine!